Tricalcium Phosphate Feed Grade

We are recognized as one of the leading and prominent manufacturer of Tricalcium Phosphate.

General  Appearance White amorphous powder, odourless almost tasteless
Loss on Ignition NMT 8.00%
Acid Insoluble Max 0.3%
Heavy Metals Max 40 PPM
Arsenic Max 5 PPM
Water Soluble Sub NMT 0.5%
Iron Max 200 PPM
Carbonate Passes with 1 g
Chloride Max 0.1%
Sulphate Max 0.6%
Proteinous Impurties No change in colour and odour
Phosphorus NLT 18%
Calcium 35-40% as Ca
Assay 90-100% as Ca3(PO4)2